Sunday, 15 March 2009

Filming - Day 1 Complete

That went really well! Well done to James who soldiered on after (whilst only in swimming trunks) he was confronted by three police at Buckingham Palace, froze half to death going across Millennium Bridge and starred in a video for Tell magazine on his travels yesterday. We also learned he is no longer JD but JP thanks to dedpoll, we decided to call him James to stop confusion.

Hopefully we got some great shots and we got lots of very nice comments on the way. Who knew Londoners could be so nice? Even he police wished us good luck and said they'd vote for us!

Right, now it's Day 2, time to shoot all the park scenes. Hopefully the Boxcar will go a bit faster down the hills on Hampstead Heath; central London is quite flat and my arms hurt from pushing!

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